Cloud Decisions supports an Azure Solutions Partner to build their DevOps capability.

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What They Needed...

The client was looking for an exclusive talent partner to support the growth of their Microsoft Azure DevOps team with several Senior DevOps Professionals.

As one of the UK’s leading Azure Expert MSP’s, the client was looking to scale their ability to deliver and support Azure DevOps, Automation, and Infrastructure as Code for their enterprise customers. In an ever-changing technical landscape, it was key to identify and attract Senior Azure DevOps Professionals that were both technically astute and aligned culturally to the business and team, whilst bringing with them a flexible mindset to enable the adoption of modern deployment technologies and methodologies. 

What We Did...

With the technologies high in demand and a competitive skills landscape, Cloud Decisions aligned as the talent partner on this specific growth project, enabling close collaboration with key stakeholders in the client’s Azure DevOps team. Through building an in-depth understanding of the key drivers for growth and the technical detail of each role, Cloud Decisions were able to take the opportunity to the skills market and pro-actively search and engaged with the hardest to source, Azure DevOps talent. 

Cloud Decisions worked closely with the Global Director of DevOps and the Azure DevOps Manager to align the client’s key growth and hiring goals to take a compelling story to market.

The Finished Result...

Cloud Decisions successfully supported the client to hit their entire Azure DevOps growth requirement.

The client’s target was to attract a team of Senior Azure DevOps Professionals to join their UK Azure DevOps practice. Cloud Decisions were able to successfully deliver within the desired timeframe, allowing the client to bridge their digital skills gap through meeting a clear hiring strategy, backed up by a strong market position. Cloud Decisions are now positioned as the primary source of experienced and emerging Azure DevOps talent for this client’s UK Azure DevOps practice. 

“Cloud Decisions worked closely with us to identify and understand our key requirements, working quickly and efficiently to find us a choice of great DevOps talent. It’s great to have a Talent Partner we can reliably turn to!”

Global Director of DevOps -

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